Disruptive High-End Gas Analysis Technology for Reducing Air Pollution Globally

At Gasera we are passionate about helping solve the major global challenges that face society today. We are immensely proud that our unique trace gas measurement products, have for several years now, helped protect the environment and kept people safe from exposure to harmful and deadly gases. We’ve also helped our industrial customers become more energy efficient and green, by providing a real-time insight into many different manufacturing processes through our accurate and rapid part per billion (ppb) level gas detection products.

At Gasera, we are continually striving to make our measurement solutions even better for our customers, and making their gas detection requirements easier and lower cost across a wide range of industrial applications. Our unique patented technology is currently being miniaturized to provide robust, lower cost, portable and hand-held instruments that can still accurately and reliably detect a range of gases even down to parts per trillion (ppt) levels. This is only possible with Gasera’s patented photoacoustic MEMS technology.

Our unique products benefit from a lifetime spent pioneering and developing our core technology by one of our company founder’s Professor Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen. He had the vision and expert understanding that this technology uniquely offered the possibility for robust, accurate, rapid, part per trillion (ppt) level detection in small and lower cost formats, unlike all other selective gas detection systems which typically cannot be miniaturized without losing most of their sensitivity.

All of Gasera’s products have been developed by our team to be easy to use, low to no maintenance, and to provide the best possible performance at industry leading prices. Whether you are replacing slow, costly offline laboratory measurement of gas samples or looking to gain further insight with accurate and immediate gas detection in a challenging environment, we are here to help and have a product suitable for you.