GASERA ONE SHED multi-gas analyser for automotive emissions testing

Automotive evaporative emissions are measured with a new innovation from Finland based on a discovery of Alexander Graham Bell

Evaporative losses from the fuel system have to be tested and quantified for vehicle certification. Gasera’s new product GASERA ONE SHED allows direct monitoring of evaporative emissions as part of the qualification testing procedures for vehicles. 

In the automotive industry, regulatory requirements applying to qualification type testing procedures have been upgraded since the introduction of new gasoline mixes on the market. According to several industry codes and standards, evaporative losses from gas handling and storage system have to be tested and quantified for vehicle certification. The Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) is a test method used by the automotive industry to measure evaporative emissions. At the Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Michigan, Gasera launches a new multi-gas analyser GASERA ONE SHED, which is designed specifically to monitor evaporative emissions in the SHED environment.


The gas components of interest are ethanol, methanol and refrigerants (R-134a and HFO-1234yf). Ethanol comes from the fuel system and methanol from the windshield washer system. Refrigerants leak from the air conditioning system.

“With the GASERA ONE SHED ethanol, methanol and refrigerants are measured simultaneously and distinguished from each other with no cross-interference,” says Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, CEO of Gasera Ltd.


New requirements for evaporative emissions testing create the demand for ultimate sensitivity and selectivity. The capability of the GASERA ONE SHED multi-gas analyser outperforms conventional analyzers in the SHED application. Due to the high resolution of the laser source used, all the components of interest can be accurately distinguished from each other. Conventional analyzers use a broadband IR-source and band-pass filters and are more prone to having interference issues. The ultra-high sensitivity is achieved with the Gasera’s patented sensor innovation.

”The GASERA ONE SHED uses photoacoustic spectroscopy, which is fundamentally based on a discovery made by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1880’s. This technology is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which brings us a huge opportunity and enables us to start discussions with several car manufacturers in the United States and worldwide,” says Dr. Kauppinen.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, CEO, Gasera Ltd., e-mai:, tel. +358 40 522 2611

M. Sc. Noora Jefimoff, Marketing Manager, Gasera Ltd., e-mail:, tel. +358 40 759 0329


Gasera is a high-tech company established in 2004, headquartered in Turku, Finland. Currently Gasera employs 35 people. Its products are based on patented ultimate performance gas measurement technology. The main focus is in measuring harmful air pollutants in order to protect humans and the environment. Gasera’s long term goal is to bring hand-held multi-gas analyzers with lab-grade performance to consumer markets. For more information, visit


Welcome to meet Gasera at the Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Michigan, booth #12010, October 24th to 26th.




GASERA ONE SHED multi-gas analyser


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