Research photoacoustic gas cell for laser sources

Gasera’s PA201 custom gas measurement system is a gas cell with an integrated detector that can be combined with different types of laser sources, making it an extremely versatile research tool. It also includes the gas exchange module that makes it extremely easy to use.

This is a unique research tool that will immediately create data for novel research publications. Our customers have published many artcles with the help of PA201. For example, Tomberg et al have achieved detection limit at parts-per-quadrillion level for HF in this Nature publication.

PA201 is designed for laboratory measurements and it can be easily tailored for different types of light sources such as the near infrared distributed feedback laser (DFB), quantum cascade laser (QCL) and optical parametric oscillator (OPO).

Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy (LPAS) is highly attractive method for trace gas analysis due to the high sensitivity, linearity and low sample gas volume. Tunable laser sources provide high selectivity and high measurement accuracy due to the zero background nature of the measurement principle.

If you have new gas analysis application in mind that requires ultra high performance, Gasera’s PA201 is the right tool to start from!



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