Gasera IRON handheld device for gas measurements

IRON – Horizon 2020 EU-project


The aim of the project is to develop and commercialise the IRON high performance handheld device for gas measurements. Achieving laboratory grade performance for sub-parts per billion (ppb) gas detection is possible through the use of proprietary mid-infrared laser spectroscopy combined with novel patented photoacoustic technology. The transitioning of its technology from fixed mount analysers to portable and handheld instruments, motivated by the strong need for portable analysers for toxic gases and air pollutants in several application fields, will enable access to many new markets.

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IRON for rapid and sensitive on-site gas detection

IRON device responds primarily to the growing demand for affordable, rapid, portable, sensitive and selective instruments to enable on-site detection of hazardous chemicals in cargo containers. It prevents worker exposure to the harmful volatile chemicals caused by fumigants and off-gassing of freight. The technology itself is very versatile enabling a plethora of new applications from cargo container safety, indoor air quality monitoring, hidden person detection, explosives and narcotics detection to occupational safety, odour analysis, unknown chemicals identification and many other applications.


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IRON is a project funded by the European commission under the SME Instrument Phase 2 HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme.