• Advantages of photoacoustic spectroscopy in your own product
  • Can be tailored for different gases and applications
  • Standard gas inlets for sample gas, USB connection for host device
  • Customized versions on request
Gasera OEM

GASERA OEM MODULE is a stand-alone photoacoustic multi-gas measurement unit that can be easily integrated as part of a monitoring system. The module utilizes the same photoacoustic engine as the GASERA ONE family analyzers.

GASERA OEM MODULE provides an easy access to photoacoustic technology for the instrument manufacturers and system integrators. GASERA OEM MODULE is configured based on the specific needs and requirements by the customer’s application and it will be integrated in to the customer’s measurement system.

Typical applications for the GASERA OEM MODULE include Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) for transformer condition monitoring, Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAG) monitoring in hospitals and clinics, photocatalysis research, ventilation study with tracer gas and Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions monitoring from soil and livestock.



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    Gasera OEM